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Petrolgaz's Partnership with Dr. Alain Abi Rizk

Petrolgaz's Partnership with Dr. Alain Abi Rizk

Petrolgaz has established a scientific partnership with academic experts such as Dr. Alain Abi Rizk

(Dr. Alain Abi Rizk is a versatile expert in management, geopolitics, entrepreneurship, animal health management, and various sciences including microbiology, virology, genetics, and immunology. He is the founder and CEO of One Health SAL Animal Diagnostic Laboratory, and has held several positions in academia and international organizations. Dr. Abi Rizk is also a TV anchor, ambassador for Meaningful Business, and has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and a book.)

to work on transforming used cooking oil into bio-diesel. This initiative is aimed at promoting environmental responsibility towards the community by reducing waste and providing an alternative source of fuel.
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